MNC.One is a comprehensive design firm, which provides the entire gamut of design service under one roof. We strongly feel that it adds value to our clients by increasing delivery efficiency and reducing co-ordination errors when specialists work closely together

Architectural Engineering
Structural Engineering
Interior Design
Quantity Survey and Estimation
Approvals & Permits (in limited cities presently)
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Public Health Engineering
Landscape Design
Project and Construction Management


BIM technology will be used for your project by our BIM team


We develop our services while applying integrated design solutions that guarantee a cohesive and unified customer experience. We follow an integrated design process favouring an overall approach while ensuring that all stakeholders, systems and business practises are considered as interdependent in a single process that applies everyone’s talents and ideas in collaboration.

We continually work toward integrating the possibilities provided by software as well as possible so that all stakeholders involved in the project are able to take advantage of them. Within our industry, we are recognized for our boldness and our sense of innovation in the fields of architecture, urban planning, interior design, urban design and graphic communications. We intend to maintain this position using high-performance software to deliver outstanding results.

Since 2016, we have used BIM technology (Building Information Modelling) , a cutting-edge tool that provides fluid, effective coordination of all our projects. Our proficiency in BIM and building modelling allows us to build virtual models of all our projects so that customers can quickly. 

  1. Visualise the aesthetics of their project in a 3D universe and understand all of its facets
  2. Get a quick estimate of the construction costs related to the project.
  3. Control construction costs with decisions made during the planning and integrated. design process before the actual work begins.
  4. Avoid conflicts during construction work.
M.N.Consultants One Design Solutions

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